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If you don’t have an air conditioner, here are 10 tricks to keep you cool

The summer season is a lovely one: vacations, beaches, and sunny weather. We must pay a price for enjoying all the summer has to offer – and that is the heat. In the summertime, it can be so unbearable that it might feel as if there’s no way to escape the scorching sun and stifling air, even at night! It’s fortunate that we are human, and we are capable of adapting to most situations.

1.Buckwheat pillows can be made.

© Fructibus / Wikimedia Commons© CC0 1.0

In addition to reducing snoring, these pillows also relieve migraines. Despite this, their best advantage is that they’re breathable, so your body heat escapes quickly. Alternatively, grind buckwheat and sift the hulls, then fill your pillowcase with clean buckwheat.

2.Your bedroom should have aloe vera.

© Lionsleeps23 / Wikimedia Commons© CC BY-SA 4.0

Cooling down your room is easy with this plant. The leaves are high in water content, which means that moisture evaporates into the air through transpiration. Aside from that, aloe vera thrives in the sun (provided you water it regularly).

3.The use of energy-efficient bulbs is recommended.

© JaneArt / Wikimedia Commons© CC BY-SA 3.0© Vitaium / Wikimedia Commons© CC0 1.0

A small room can easily be heated by ordinary light bulbs. Although incandescent bulbs can’t heat up a room by themselves, their high heat output might contribute to a stifling atmosphere. A LED or energy-efficient light bulb produces no heat at all, on the other hand.

4.Wet blankets are not recommended for sleep.

It might not be so fun to fall asleep fast on a hot summer night. In addition to taking a cold shower before bed, you can also sleep with a wet blanket or damp sheets. You don’t have to soak them completely, just a little water will do.

5.Freeze your socks and bed linens.

© Ausra Barysiene /

Put your socks and bed linens in the freezer for at least 10 minutes. Before you go to sleep or early in the morning, you can do it. To prevent them from getting wet, place them in a plastic bag first. When you wear cool socks and sheets, you will easily fall asleep.

6.Your own air conditioner can be made.

A bottle of frozen water can turn an ordinary fan into an air conditioner. Even though it only works if you stay near it, it’s better than nothing. Fill a bottle with water and freeze it. Place it in front of the fan and make sure it blows toward you. Relieved instantly!

7.Cover the window with a wet sheet.

Hang a wet sheet over the window and enjoy the cool breeze. The same result can be achieved by spraying cold water on your curtains. You can cover your fan with a wet towel or sheet as a last resort.

8.Your tongue should be used to breathe.

© Ministry of Information & Broadcasting / YouTube© Ministry of Information & Broadcasting / YouTube

You might as well try cooling yourself down from the inside. Make sure your tongue has a passage for air by sticking it out and folding it at the sides. Inhale through your curled tongue (like a straw) and exhale through your mouth.

9.Sleep with a basin of cold water nearby.

After taking a shower, you might still feel hot or your sheets might quickly warm up again. You can solve the problem by filling a basin with cold water and placing it near your bed. The cold water will help you cool off when you start sweating. YoIf you freeze a washcloth, your body temperature will drop quickly.

10.It’s okay to sleep on the floor.

© Naty Sweet / Wikimedia Commons© CC BY 2.0

Lower you go, the cooler it gets. From the floor, heat rises. During hot nights, a large cold surface helps you lose body heat quickly and provides a better night’s sleep.

Is it raining or sunny where you live today? Are there any tricks you know that can help you survive heat waves?

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