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We’re doing these 11 things wrong, and we should be doing these instead

The things we do on a daily basis did not come from a manual that tells us what is right and wrong. By changing a few steps, we can make our lives easier because we are used to it, or because we saw someone else do it.

1.Rather than placing the eggs on the refrigerator door, place them inside their cartons.

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Because it is the warmest part of the fridge and is constantly opened and closed, the egg compartment on the refrigerator door isn’t ideal for storing eggs. According to food safety experts, products should be stored properly. Eggs should be stored in a cool place and in their cartons. Make sure the refrigerator (39°F or colder) and freezer (0°F) are at the proper temperature.

2.Make sure your razors are kept away from moisture.

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Because razors are made from steel, some people think they are easily disposable after only a few uses, but there are ways to save money and extend the life of your razor. Steel does not like moisture, so do not leave it in the bathroom or other moist areas. It will last longer if you keep it dry and away from the bathroom.

3.Freeze each slice of bread separately in a plastic bag.

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Putting slices of bread in a plastic bag and sealing it tightly will keep them fresh for weeks. Air and moisture cannot enter and cause mold to grow. For up to three months, it can be frozen.

4.You should keep your sunglasses in your chest pocket with the lenses facing you.

It’s common for people to wear sunglasses when it’s sunny and warm outside. Shades can be stored in a variety of ways after the sun goes down. Some people keep them in the pocket of their pants, while others keep them in the chest area of their shirts. You should store them inverted in a chest pocket to protect them and keep them safe without damaging the lenses.

5.If you want to extend the shelf life of any food in jars, turn them upside down.

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Pickles and other condiment food jars can also be stored upside down in the fridge for a long time. Mold cannot grow inside this way. Experts say that turning the jar upside down makes that surface where mold may have landed more difficult to grow since it is squashed against the lid without much air.

6.Stir the coffee into the cream rather than pouring it over it.

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Pour the coffee into the cup and add the cream. There will be a saving of thousands of spoons from the dishwasher. We will prevent hundreds of stir sticks from going to landfills. Reddit / TKCerbs

7.Trim the wick slightly to extend the candle’s life.

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By cutting the nib every now and then, you will be able to create a small fire that will keep the room smelling fresh while saving a lot of wax for later use. The glass container can be reused after the wax runs out, saving you money.

8.To avoid tasteless iced coffee, use coffee cubes instead of regular ice.

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Coffee ice cubes are my summer hack. My iced coffee is made with coffee cubes. There is one tray per cup of coffee. It’s a game changer, no more watery iced coffee. Reddit user annswertwin

9.Shape your toilet paper into an oval to reduce waste.

To make toilet paper use easier and to prevent bacteria from lingering on the paper when it’s not in use, the loose end should be facing you instead of the wall.

When the paper is squished horizontally, it takes on an oval shape in the center. This is intended to make it more difficult for toilet paper to rotate since people grab it easily, resulting in waste. There is less waste when rotation is controlled.

10.Rather than apologizing, express gratitude.

Instead of apologizing for things that don’t require apologies, say “thank you.”. It’s helped me a lot. If I have a bad day and vent to my husband, I’ll say “thank you for listening and being supportive.” This makes relationships much more positive and appreciative. Reddit / thegracefuldork

11.To ensure even cooking, season your pans with oil.

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Seasoning a new pan with oil is essential. After spreading the oil around the pan’s edges, place it in the oven until the heat allows the oil to absorb. After cooling, wipe away any remaining oil from the pan.

Oil fills in the gaps and pores of the pan, providing an even cooking surface. There will be no sticking when cooking.

What do you think is the most effective technique among these? Can you think of any other hacks that might be useful? Comment below and let us know what you think

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