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What every parent needs to know about back-to-school hacks

Not only for kids, but for parents as well, back to school can be stressful. Everything from buying new clothes to packing lunches for your kid every day needs to be considered and organized. You do not have to worry about things being difficult if you know how to go about them.

1.Don’t buy new clothes until after the first week of school.


Give your child a week to look at what people at school are wearing now before buying new clothes. By buying uncool clothes, you risk your child not wanting to wear them to school and finding them uncool.

2.Make sure your daughter has a period kit in her bag.

© Katerina Holmes / Pexels

Period kits contain pads, underpants, and painkillers. Including it in your kid’s lunch box may be just as important as packing one for your kid. It may also benefit your kid’s classmates.

3.Put in the freezer enough sandwiches to last a week.

Making your kid’s lunch on your day off can be tedious on top of all your other responsibilities, so prepare as many sandwiches as you need for the week on your day off and put them in the freezer.

4.The lids of the markers should be taped together.

Tape all the lids together to prevent your child from losing markers. When the child is finished, they can put back the markers that they have taken out.

5.Put a sticker on your preschooler’s shoes by cutting it in half.

© N_Belonogov /© Belle Hung /

If your child is young enough to confuse which foot the shoe goes on, there’s a simple solution. Find a big sticker of a character. Cut it in half and put the right half in the right shoe and the left half in the left shoe. Before putting on the shoes, check that the picture matches.

6.As an ice pack, yogurt pouches can be used.

© Rizka Indriyatussholikhah /

Before packing yogurt pouches in your child’s backpack, freeze them the night before. Your kid will be able to use them as ice packs in their lunchboxes and they will defrost by lunchtime.

7.Flip-sequin clothes might not be the best choice for school.

© Sister Time with Sydney and Addie / YouTube© Mykhailenko Uliana /

Shirts with sparkles that change when you run your hands up and down them may seem cool to young kids. However, most kids will want to try playing with the sparkles on your child’s shirt, so a lot of hands will be touching your child’s clothes. Notebooks should not have flip sequins.

8.Prior to school starting, encourage your child to eat within the time limit.

The average school lunch lasts 20 to 30 minutes, so teach your child to eat within this timeframe. Put a timer on and let them know what the limit is. In addition, it will help build their confidence, so they won’t skip meals as a result of time constraints.

9.After your kid gets home from school, do not ask them, “How was your day? ”””

A kid will be likely to give a vague answer to such a broad question or claim not to have anything interesting to say. Ask them a specific question and give them options. “Did you have a sandwich or pizza for lunch today?”, for example. If the kid had something else, they’ll tell you what actually happened.

10.Remind your child of the positive aspects of returning to school.

Support your child during the stressful time of going back to school. Let them know what they’ll enjoy, such as seeing their friends again, playing sports at the gym, or showing off their new haircut or clothing.

Back-to-school stress: how do you cope? Are there any parts of the process you actually enjoy?

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